Why I am Running for Wichita Mayor 

I did not come to this decision without a great deal of thought, consideration, and self-reflection. Further, I have spent the past several months meeting with people and business owners throughout the Wichita area to find out what their needs are and where they feel the city can and should do better.

For me, the position of Mayor is:

On August 6, 2019, vote Amy Lyon for Wichita Mayor
  • Representation of the city. The entire city, not just downtown
  • Listener, planner, and advocate for all residents of Wichita
  • Conduct studies of budgetary, infrastructure and homeless problems and take appropriate action on findings
  • Open communications with residents
  • Attracting the right business to Wichita for the greater good and with proper vetting
  • Collaboration with neighboring cities and their leaders


My experience that makes me the choice for Mayor of Wichita:

  • Twenty-two years of global corporate leadership
  • Multi-million-dollar budget management
  • Strategic partner with large corporations to sole proprietor
  • Leadership of diverse teams with varying duties
  • Data-driven management of resources
  • Vendor relationship
  • Philanthropic activity
  • U.S. Veteran and Kansas Director of ObjectiveZero


My core beliefs are:

  • Tenure is not a skill
  • Life-long politics isn’t a sport
  • “Leaders Eat Last “philosophy (see book by Simon Sinek)
  • To whom much is given, much is required
  • When people show you who they are, believe them


Amy Lyon for Wichita Mayor
I am not a professional campaigner, nor do I want to be. I prefer rolling up my sleeves and getting to work for the people of Wichita.


Primary Election – August 6, 2019

Vote Amy Lyon for Wichita Mayor